Heli boarding, heliboarding or helicopter snowboarding – however you spell it, it’s one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever have on a snowboard.

You’ll travel by helicopter to some of the most remote and beautiful spots and our guides will help you find the best off-piste powder snowboarding conditions you’re likely to have ever sampled.

Heliboarding started before snowboarding became popular more than 40 years ago in Canada. Back in those days skiers flew in by plane to remote areas, but it wasn’t too long before helicopters stepped in and enabled skiers and snowboarders to reach areas inaccessible by plane.

A typical heliboarding adventure

Usually we’ll start with a day or two of snowboarding in resort to get your powder legs in shape. Then it’s time to get on board. We travel in small groups, always with a qualified mountain guide. Forget crowded pistes, you’ll be dropped off far from the masses, with the mountain to yourself. With only nature and unspoilt terrain for company you’ll enjoy the lightest, finest powder, and can expect extensive alpine bowls and tree skiing through forests as you descend to the valley floor.

And after another wonderful day of snowboarding through powder, your helicopter will transport you back to your comfortable accommodation base to relax in an open air jacuzzi or hot tub and enjoy an evening of great food and convivial company.

And tomorrow you’ll get to do it all again…

James Orr Heliski offers bespoke heliboarding adventures to Alaska, Canada, Italy and many other destinations worldwide.

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