5 Reasons why heli skiing in Canada is awesome…

Posted August 05, 2021 under Blog


A typical heli-ski area in Canada’s westerly most province of BC is around 2000 square miles or put another way 500,000 acres. That’s a lot of terrain exclusively for you and just a few other heli skiing companions.


Generally it snows 40 to 60 feet (or around 15m) each year. Moisture laden winds blow in from the Pacific and collides with cold air flowing down from the Arctic to produce the light, dry powder that heli skiing in BC is famous. Good snow conditions are almost guaranteed.


Uniquely, Canada has an abundance of ski terrain in the trees. Trees not only protect the snow from the adverse effects of sun and wind but also provide a visual reference for the pilots so they can keep flying in marginal weather. 


Heliskiing in Canada first started over 50 years ago and with this half a century of collective know how under their belts, you can depend on enjoying a consistent, reliable experience, delivered to the highest safety and environmental standards of anywhere in the world.


Whether you are a first timer seeking the maximum bang for your buck or a seasoned pro looking to raise the bar on your next heliski adventure, the range of choices when it comes to heli skiing in Canada means you can rely on your perfect heli-ski trip being delivered every single time.

And with 20 plus years of experience arranging bespoke heli skiiing trips to Canada, why not put our expertise to the test? Give James a call and let’s create your ultimate heli ski trip together now0333 006 5816