Heli-ski terrain Canada

All the terrain has been carefully selected in the interior of British Columbia.

Here moist air blowing in from the Pacific has had time to be dried by cold arctic

air flowing south. The result is deep, light powder snow perfect for heli-skiing

and boarding.

Great Canadian Heli-skiing

The original boutique operator, Great Canadian are located just to the east of Rogers Pass

and 3.5 hours west of Calgary. The heli-ski terrain straddles the Selkirk and Purcell Mountains,

providing alpine bowls and steeper descents through the trees. There are two AStars with

three groups of four sharing each helicopter. And there is another AStar for one private group

of four. With a maximum of 28 guests at any one time, it never feels over-crowded at Great


Stay at Heather Mountain Lodge or Home Lodge before heli-skiing

RK Heli-ski

RK have immense terrain in the Purcell

Mountains just 3.5 hours west of Calgary.

Wooded valleys provide easily accessible tree

skiing for marginal weather days and superb

alpine bowls and glaciers abound for sunny

days. With some of the highest landings points

in Canada, great powder snow can still be

found even when it warms up in the

valley. When it comes to good snow

altitude is more important than latitude.

There is one dedicated AStar and one Bell 212

for private or semi-private groups.

Stay at Earl Grey Lodge or Home Lodge

before heli-skiing

Selkirk Tangiers Helicopter Skiing

Selkirk Tangiers are at the very centre of prime heli-ski country with vast terrain in the Selkirk

and Monashee Mountains. There is phenomenal tree skiing amongst old growth forest, wide

alpine bowls and long glacier descents. One AStar is put aside for three small groups of four

and then there are two further AStars and one Bell 205 for private groups.

Stay at the Courthouse Inn or go platinum at Bison Lodge

Small Group & Private Lodges