Heliskiing in Revelstoke: Everything You Need to Know

Posted December 16, 2019 under Canada, Cat Skiing, Heliskiing

We love heliskiing in Revelstoke, British Columbia and you will too. In this post, we run through everything you need to know about a heliski trip to Revelstoke.

Topics covered include:

  • What are the flight times from the UK?
  • Which airport is best for Revelstoke?
  • Where is best to stay in Revelstoke?
  • Luxury accommodation in Revelstoke
  • What meals are provided?
  • What’s the daily schedule?
  • Private heliski groups
  • How does cat skiing in Revelstoke work?
  • What skis do I need for heliskiing in Revelstoke?
  • How many flights will I do?
  • How do I book heliskiing in Revelstoke?

What are the flight times from the UK?

Although you can choose your own flight times, at James Orr Heliski we tend to book our clients flights that leave early afternoon from the UK, direct from London Heathrow to Calgary in Canada.

On the return, we prefer overnight flights that leave Calgary in the early-evening, so that you arrive back into the UK mid-morning the following day.

Which airport is best for Revelstoke?

We favour direct flights with Air Canada to Calgary international airport. From there the transfer to Revelstoke usually takes about four and half hours. As there’s an hour’s time difference between Calgary and Revelstoke, you can be in the bar drinking by that evening!

It is possible to fly to Kelowna, but from the UK this will require a change of planes. As it’s still two and a half hours from Revelstoke, it’s usually quicker to fly into Calgary from the UK.

From either airport we will arrange a private minivan or taxi transfer to take you to your accommodation in Revelstoke.

Where is best to stay in Revelstoke?

For our group heliskiing trips to Revelstoke, we tend to select the Sutton Place Hotel. It’s very convenient and modern, having been built in 2009 – with everything you need within an easy walk.

The hotel has a bar, restaurant, ski rental and massage service on site. There is a wide choice of spacious apartments, including one to three bedroom suites, and every room has a balcony and kitchen. Expect queen size beds, or king size split into twins, plus you can enjoy their outdoor hot tub and heated pool.

Luxury accommodation in Revelstoke

If you’d prefer a little more luxury on your trip to Revelstoke, then you might prefer the Bighorn Lodge.

Multiple winner of the ‘World’s Best Ski Chalet’, the Bighorn is the ultimate in luxury accommodation. Take this link to find out more about the facilities the Bighorn offers, including private helipad, home cinema, gym and conference facilities.

bighorn lodge helipad
The private helipad

What meals are provided?

For guests staying at the Sutton Place Hotel, breakfast can be the feast you need before a big day on the mountain. There is a full breakfast menu, included cooked breakfast and vegetarian options.

In the evenings on our group trips, we tend to alternate eating at the hotel with going into town. It’s just a 10-minute trip on the regular free shuttle service. Favourites that we have enjoyed over the years include superb sushi options, The Quartermaster and the Village Idiot pub.

Group Trips schedule

This is more relevant for guests travelling to Revelstoke on our group trip. Guests on our Heli Immersion, Small Group Heli or Private Heli trips have bespoke schedules (see below), but for our group trip, you can expect the week to look roughly like this:

Sat                          Travel day

Sun                        Warm-up day skiing on lift-accessible, ungroomed runs with guides, in controlled areas of the resort. Our guides know all the best spots and will help you find your ski legs again.

Mon/Tue             Cat skiing days (see our separate blog post – Cat Skiing in Revelstoke)

Wed                       Rest day, including preparing for your heliski days by collecting your skis and completing the necessary paperwork

Thu/Fri                 Heliskiing

Sat                          Travel back

Sun                        Arrive home

Powder in BC

Heli Immersion, Small Group Heli or Private Heli trips

All these packages include exclusive access to 500,000 acres of some of the best and most varied heliski terrain in Canada where you can enjoy wide open alpine bowls, long glacier runs and steeper more challenging terrain in the trees. With 40-60 feet of annual snowfall powder is virtually guaranteed.

Accommodation is in a bespoke heli-ski lodge just outside Revelstoke and packages are all inclusive of twin/double occupancy accommodation and all meals.

Heli Immersion
This uses the Bell 205 helicopter that can carry up to 11 skiers and a guide and is based around a 5-day package that includes 23,500 vertical metres of skiing. Three day and 6-day packages are available and provide 12,000 and 27,500 vertical metres of skiing respectively. Packages start from £2,945

Small Group Heliskiing
Using the smaller AStar or Bell 407 helicopters, these are for groups of four and five respectively with a guide. This is ideal for groups of friends and family who all want to ski together at the pace of their choosing. Again three, five and six day packages are available, starting from £3,985

Heli-immersion and Small Group are available by the seat and there is no requirement to fill the helicopter. Normally three different groups would share one helicopter.

Private Heliskiing
This is the ultimate way of heli-skiing. You and your group have exclusive use of the helicopter of your choice whether it be a Bell 205, 407 or AStar. You will always be accompanied by 2 guides.

With only one group to consider, the pilots and guides have the maximum flexibility to explore the superb terrain on offer to its fullest extent. With an amount of flying time included rather than vertical, a private helicopter means you can enjoy the freedom to ski at exactly the pace you want.

Private trips are available for any number of days from 3 to 7 with 1.5 hours of flying provided per day on a cumulative basis. Prices range from £6,345 per person for a 3-day package to £14,375 per person for a 7-day package.

Private packages are available with either one or two groups per helicopter. You need to form your own group/s and private packages are not available by the seat.

Raise the bar and take your private package to highest level and include a stay at Bighorn Lodge (see above) with a private chef and concierge to look after every minute detail of your stay. With its own helipad, games room and spa area no wonder Bighorn has been voted the best Chalet in Canada more than once.

bighorn lodge
The imposing exterior

How does cat skiing in Revelstoke work?

We tend to do our cat skiing at a private area about 45 minutes from Revelstoke. We cover this in a lot of detail in this blog post, including timings, equipment required, number of runs and terrain you can expect.

What skis do I need for heliskiing in Revelstoke?

You don’t need to bring any specific skis with you as skis are provided as part of the cost. There is a large selection of skis such as Rossignol Soul 7 or similar skis, usually 100cm-105cm underfoot.

How many heliski flights will I do?

On our group trip, we expect skiers to be able to enjoy 10 flights over two days. You have the option to do more at around CAD €100 per flight.

The ski area is huge – 10 times larger than the cat skiing area – mainly because you can fly 2000-3000ft higher than the cat reaches. You can also ski down lower. This means the runs are much longer than cat skiing runs.

Even when there’s no fresh snow, when you’re heliskiing your guides will still find untracked snow for you. And the area is so large, you won’t see any other groups.

Typically, the helicopter will carry 10 people and two guides, although it is possible for smaller groups to go in groups of six (5 skiers, 1 guide).

How do I book heliskiing in Revelstoke?

Whether you’d like to join one of our group trips to Revelstoke, book a ‘Small Group Heli’ trip or try our ‘Heli Immersion’ experience, simply contact James Orr Heliski.

James will discuss your requirements with you and put together the right combination of flights, accommodation, cat skiing and heliskiing so you can get the most out of your Revelstoke adventure.

Fresh powder in BC