[Infographic] Revelstoke Snow Record Over 10 Years

Posted November 20, 2017 under Canada, Cat Skiing, Heliskiing

There’s a reason we choose Revelstoke – the Revelstoke snow record is perfect for heliskiing! Reliable snowfall, but with plenty of skiable days.

Last week we were delighted to welcome Eriks from Selkirk Tangiers to two UK events in London and Cambridge. We work closely with Eriks when we organise our cat skiing and heliskiing trip to Revelstoke in Canada.

During his talk at Profeet in London, Eriks made the point that the snowfall in Revelstoke is very reliable.

Revelstoke – record breaking snow!

That’s not just sales talk: Revelstoke holds the Canadian record for snowiest single winter. In 1971-72, 2447 cm of snow fell on Mt Copeland and snow levels in town were higher than many of the local roofs.

For a more detailed look, these graphs below show the seasonal snowfall accumulation at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and demonstrates how reliable the resort is for generating fresh snow.

Snowstorms and bluebird days

Take a look at the graphs closely and you’ll see some sudden spikes. These are the snowstorms that Eriks referred to that can dump up to a metre of snow in just a few days.

The long flat sections are those bluebird days that you dream of, with light, cold powder snow waiting to be skied by you!

Great early season snow record

This first image shows that the lowest snowfall by the start of December was a mere 238cm back in the ‘bad snow’ year of 2008/09. Putting that in contrast on 01 December 2016, 436cm of snow had already fallen.

By the end of January, over the last 10 seasons, Revelstoke has had between 551cm and 773cm of snowfall.

revelstoke snow record

Over 600m of snowfall by the end of February

February is the most common month for heliski trips – although as Eriks pointed out, if you do want to ski in February, make sure you book early as it books up quickly.

By the end of February, in any year in the last 10 there’s been at least 6 metres of fresh snow fallen in Revelstoke and last winter by 01 March 2017 more than 9 metres of snow had arrived in resort:

revelstoke snow record february

Expect 10 metres of snow!

And it doesn’t stop. By the end of five of the last 10 seasons, more than 10 metres of snowfall accumulated in Revelstoke, and even in a fallow year (2009/10) 785cm fell:

revelstoke snow record march

Arrange your heliski trip to Revelstoke now

So, if you want to make sure that your heliskiing trip of a lifetime is going to be just that, then make sure you choose a reliable resort like Revelstoke that’s going to deliver piles of fresh snow for you.

For advice on booking your Canada heliski trip or to find out more about our ‘Cat and Heliski Taster’ Experience, then please call James on 0333 006 5816