[Video] Ski Sunday’s Graham Bell on Heliskiing in Italy

Posted January 26, 2018 under Heliskiing, Italy

Ahead of our ‘Heliski with Graham Bell’ week to Alagna in March, Graham Bell shared some of his thoughts and experiences of heliskiing in Italy:

graham bell ski sunday

A lot of the time I’m in the snow I’m having to work, so I don’t get to do much heliskiing. This is the great thing about the trip we are planning to Alagna – there’ll be no stopping and starting to film.

I’ve done helidrops on the Monterosa before. We dropped off from 4200-4500m: you can get really high up.

It’s more like ski mountaineering there – the descents can be technically difficult. It’s not like the heliskiing you get when you go to the Bugaboos in Canada, where you get nice easy flat slopes that you can cruise up and down. You don’t need that many drops when you go to the Monterosa region.

I did one drop with my daughter in Monterosa a few years ago, when we skiing down the backside to Zermatt, took a single lift ticket back to Klein Matterhorn and then skied from there back down to Cervinia and then Champoluc. That was one drop and we were out from 8am to 6pm!

I know the region and it’s immense, the terrain is huge. The amount of itineraries from the top cable car in Alagna is great. That drops you off at 3200m, so it’s a big drop even without taking a heli! With a heli as well you can access a huge, huge expanse of off-piste that works for all different levels of ability.

I love Italy – it’s great value for money. In that region of Italy you get great food and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You’re not going to pay Courchevel prices for a cappuccino!

Without having to hike, the fact that you can helidrop in this region makes it unique to the Alps. There’s not many spots where you can do helidrops. You can do it in Lech, but it’s very controlled. You can do ‘reverse heliskiing’ in France where you go to the top of the lift, ski down to the bottom and then take a heli back to resort.

But it’s not really the same, it’s not getting out of the helicopter at the top of a mountain at 4500m!


You can join Graham in Alagna in March 2018. At the time of writing we still have just one place remaining on this exclusive trip.

Please call James Orr on 0333 006 5816 for more information and the latest availability.