[Survey] 51% of skiers would like to go heliskiing, but only 7% have

Posted May 15, 2018 under Canada, Cat Skiing, Heliskiing, Italy

51% of skiers and snowboarders would like to go heliskiing

A new survey by James Orr Heliski shows that only 7% of skiers and snowboarders have tried heliskiing, although 51% would like to.

Almost 4000 UK-based skiers and snowboarders were surveyed on Twitter during April and May 2018 by James Orr Heliski.

The results showed that 93% have never been heliskiing, yet more than half would like to love to try it.

Although 49% of respondents said that they preferred to stay on the piste, a Brexit-sized majority wanted to try heliskiing.

Bucket lists are for ticking

A heliski trip is on many skiers’ ‘bucket list’, but for so many that’s where it stays. At James Orr Heliski we believe that bucket lists are for ticking!

Heliskiing doesn’t have to break the bank

Life should be lived now, not tomorrow. That’s one of the reasons James Orr added his ‘Heli-Intro’ Experience to Alagna in Italy.

Guests can enjoy four days with professional guides in the superb Monterosa Ski backcountry, including two helidrops, from £1575. That’s based on a group of four, but smaller groups or individuals can also join our group trip, travelling from 07-11 March 2019.

Graham Bell joined James Orr in Alagna in March 2018 and loved it. Watch his video here:

For a more adventurous introduction to helisking, James Orr offers a ‘Cat and Heli Taster’ in Revelstoke, Canada.
This carefully constructed 9-day trip includes the chance to enjoy two days of cat skiing as well as 10 helidrops over two days and is available from £4125.

So why not tick that bucket list now and join the 7%…

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