Your safety: How safe is heliskiing?

Our role in keeping you safe

  • Before your departure we check that your expectations are realistic and make sure the ski adventure you’ve chosen is suitable for your level of experience and ability.
  • We brief you thoroughly about the location and any known risks associated with it.
  • We make sure the people who are delivering services to you on the ground are the best at what they do, and that they’re equipped with the latest safety training and equipment.
  • Should anything go wrong and you need medical attention, we’ll work with the ground staff and your insurer to ensure that you receive quality care.

Your role in keeping yourself safe

  • Make sure your travel insurance is up to date and includes winter sports. Confirm that you’re covered for helicopter skiing, cat skiing and off piste skiing and/or boarding.
  • Check that your equipment is in good condition. Always carry avalanche safety kit (transceiver, shovel and probe) and know how to use it. We also advise that you wear a helmet and backpack containing a flotation airbag.
  • Observe the safety briefings when you board a helicopter or snowcat.
  • If you want to go off piste, always take a guide who knows the local terrain intimately and is fully trained to manage the risks. Experienced guides know where to find the best powder and how to challenge yourself within safe limits. Their contribution can turn a good ski holiday into a truly great one.

We want you to have the best possible powder ski adventure and come home safely with memories to cherish. The vast majority of our clients enjoy incident-free off piste ski holidays and come back to renew that experience with us again and again.