7 Reasons To Go Heliskiing in Georgia

Posted June 27, 2019 under Heliskiing

This is the perfect time to plan your heliskiing in Georgia – the former Soviet state that skiers and snowboarders are just beginning to discover.

Why we love heliskiing in Georgia…

We look at seven great reasons why Heliskiing in Georgia should be on your bucket list:

  • High, Guaranteed Snow
  • Undiscovered by Skiers
  • Flights via Istanbul
  • High safety standards with European pilots
  • Local skiing for ‘No-Fly’ Days
  • UNESCO Heritage
  • Experience of James Orr Heliski
Heliskiing in Georgia
Heliskiing in powder in Georgia

Offering the highest heliskiing in Europe, Georgia is now easily accessible from the UK, but still currently remains below the radar for most European skiers.

Heliskiing in Georgia in deep powder
Deep pow while heliskiing in Georgia

Group Heliski Trip in 2021

James Orr Heliski is organising a group heliskiing trip to Georgia in 2021 as part of our regular group heliski programme. This exclusive group will be limited to a maximum of 12 skiers and snowboarders.

Find out more by contacting James Orr now on 0333 006 5816 or via our website.

Read on for seven reasons why you should be joining us in the Caucasus in 2021.

Heliskiing in Georgia
Perfect powder in Georgia

1. High, Guaranteed Snow

The Svaneti region of Georgia in the Caucasus mountains is surrounded by 5000m peaks and the skiable area is immense. The snow record is excellent with powder through into April each season.

Most descents start from around 3000m, but can be as high as 4100m, and offer vertical drops of up to 1800m. Most of the skiing is above the treeline, but there are options for tree skiing if the weather closes in.

Heliskiing in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia
Heliskiing in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia

2. Undiscovered by Skiers

While Georgia’s main ski resort of Gudauri has started to attract its first international skiers, Mestia in the west of the country is still undiscovered.

Have the mountain to yourself!

3. Flights via Istanbul to Batumi

Although there are direct flights from the UK to Georgia (Wizz Air offers direct flights from London Luton Airport to Kutaisi and Georgian Airlines from London Gatwick to the Tbilisi), we recommend flying with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.

As well as adding regional departure options around the UK, flying via Istanbul means you can arrive in Georgia in Batumi. From Batumi it’s a five hour transfer to Mestia.

Travel out with a stop overnight in Istanbul on the way to Georgia, travelling back on the same day the following weekend with only a short transfer in Istanbul.

Tbilisi, Georgia
The historic city of Tbilisi, Georgia

4. High safety standards with European pilots

For all heliskiing in Georgia, we use Airbus AS350 B3 helicopters, supplied from the Austrian company Wucher Helicopter.

These helicopters carry a maximum of four skiers, plus your ski guide and the pilot.

Heliskiing in Georgia
Refuelling for another helidrop

5. Local Skiing for ‘No-Fly’ Days

These are the mountains and, of course, it does snow regularly. On this trip we aim to take you heliskiing every day, with at least 14 hours of flying during the week. However, in any given week, ‘down days’ may well occur due to bad weather.

For these down days, we can arrange visits to two local ski resorts of Tetnuldi and Hatsvali, both a short drive from Mestia, and offering lift access up to 3100m. Skiing in Hatsvali is completely within the treeline, so an excellent option for bad weather days.

Enjoying the slopes in Hatsvali, Georgia
Enjoying the slopes in Hatsvali, Georgia

6. UNESCO Heritage

Upper Svaneti is one of the Georgia’s UNESCO-listed sites, and Mestia offers thousands of years of history, and the chance to explore an ancient culture and excellent food and wine.

Mestia, Georgia
The beautiful town of Mestia, Georgia

7. Experience of James Orr Heliski

James Orr has been organising heliski trips since 1996 to destinations all over the world.

Our group heliski trip to Georgia has been curated based on James’ experience and knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your trip to the Caucasus. Our guides and accommodation have been based on extensive research and personal experience.

James Orr
James Orr


How much will it cost?Our exclusive group heliskiing trip to Georgia will cost approximately £7500 for six days. The exact price will be confirmed in due course on our dedicated page to this trip.

When will the trip be?

Actual dates will be confirmed at least 9 months in advance. Currently we anticipate the trip will take place during March 2021.

What equipment do I need for heliskiing in Georgia?

Read this blog post for details of the best equipment for heliskiing.

How do I reserve my place? Contact James Orr now on 0333 006 5816 or via our website to reserve one of the twelve places

heliskiing in Georgia
The view from the helicopter in Georgia