The Top Three Places to go Heliskiing in 2020

Posted May 24, 2019 under Canada, Heliskiing

Our three top places to go heliskiing in 2020 are Canada, Iceland and Georgia. If you’re addicted to the white stuff then read on and then satisfy your powder cravings…

Canada…The Home of Heliskiing  

Why heliski in Canada?

* Experience – they’ve been serving up incredible powder for the last 50 years
* Space – the second largest country on earth, but one of the least populated
* Trees – excellent skiing in the trees where the helicopters can fly in marginal weather
* Snow – 40 to 60 feet of the white stuff reliably falls each year
* Choice – from introductory taster trips to private weeks

When: December to April
Best time to go: mid-January to mid-March
Where: Head to British Columbia’s interior ranges for the best powder
Cost: from £3985 to £14985 per person for 7 days

Iceland…The Teenager Comes of Age

Why heliski in Iceland?

* Access – easy to get to from Western Europe or East Coast USA
* Snow – stable coastal snow pack
* Terrain – ski summit to sea with steeper terrain on offer
* Light – see the northern lights in March and ski well into the evening from May

When: March to June
Best time to go: mid-April to mid-May
Where: Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland
Cost: from £3395 for 3 days

Georgia… The New Heliski Kid on the Block

Why heliski in Georgia?

* Access – easy to get to from Western Europe
* Snow – deep powder into April
* Terrain – the mighty and majestic Caucasus Range
* Culture – Ski in UNESCO World Heritage site, ancient culture, fantastic food and wine

When: February to April
Best time to go: March
Where: Svanetia
Cost: from £5985 for 6 days

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